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January, 2024

Denise lead a great beginner beekeeper session about bee biology and behavior.


Old business:

Elections were held in November.  Term began Jan1

President – Karen Miller

Vice President – Denise Drummond

Secretary – Laura Polley

Treasurer – Kathy Jackson

New Board Member – Robert Lemcke

New Business:

2024 club goals

1.Increase member attendance & involvement. Ideas:

More hands-on activities/demos

Diverse speakers

Solicit more experienced members to mentor

Bulk purchases

Opportunities to sell honey

2.Promote a strong understanding of bee biology and behavior among our new beekeepers

3.Increase community involvement.

Feb 12 meeting

Bring your smokers and your favorite beekeeping tool.

Beginner Session – equipment, tools, & smoker lighting practice

Main Program – What type of beekeeper do you want to be and equipment options to suit your needs/goals.

Smoker burn out!  You bring your creosote crusted smoker, we’ll bring the blow torch and show you how to burn off all that gunk.

Main presentation by Karen shared beekeeping resources and where to get bees.


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