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Need Supplies and Equipment?

Check out our Beekeeping Supplies page under the Home menu.

Need Advice?

These mentors are available to answer questions, offer suggestions and in some cases, even look at your hive with you.

Derick Forester~ (423) 413-5370

Wade Hutcheson, Walker County Extension Agent. Click here for Wade's info.

YouTube Resources

Courses - University of Montana Beekeeping Certificate Program - Apprentice, Journeyman and Master levels.  6 week online courses that are instructor led, online forums with other students.  Interactive and informative. – Information about Georgia’s Master Beekeeper Program (self guided program), as well as general beekeeping resources.


American Bee Journal

Bee Culture Magazine

Websites - Georgia Beekeepers Association. Become a member ($15/year) to receive their great monthly newsletter. - American Beekeeping Federation - has great information that is easy to read - Project Apis m. Funds research and efforts to improve honey bee health and vitality. Site has best management practices for home beekeepers. - Honey Bee Health Coalition.  Has an online Varroa Management Decision Tool to help beekeepers choose an appropriate treatment - Randy Oliver’s page with in depth information and research  - Eva Crane.  Her papers, works and research of “how bees worked” lends to so much of what we know about the inner-working of the hive and honey production.


Two Bees in a Podcast. 

Weekly episodes ~50min.

Beekeeping Today.

Weekly episodes ~50min.

Honey Bee Obscura.

Weekly episodes ~20min.

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