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Here is a list of some of the items you will need when starting out:

Bee Hive consist of:
   Bottom Board - The wooden stand on which the hive sits. The bottom board will need to sit on a flat surface like a concrete block to keep it off the ground.
   Brood Chamber - A  wooden box called a "super" or "brood box". These boxes can be 8 or 10 frame boxes. This box is for  bees to rear brood and store honey to eat.
   Frames and foundation - Wooden frames that hold sheets of beeswax foundation that  bees build their comb on.
   Honey Supers - Shallow boxes of frames with built out comb are used for the bees to store excess honey. This is the honey that will be harvested.  
   Inner Cover - Used between the outer cover and hive top. It keeps the bees from building comb on the outer cover, helps protect from the elements, and helps with ventilation.
   Outer Cover - A weather resistant lid for the hive. It goes on the very top of the hive.
Smoker - The most valuable tool for working bees. The smoke calms the bees and helps prevent stings.
Feeder - Holds sugar syrup that is fed to the bees to help sustain them in early spring and fall.
Hive Tool - Specific shaped tool that is used to pry apart frames and supers.



Gloves, Veil or Suit - Protective clothing worn to protect the body from stings.



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Bill Slack

(706) 638-3791

Used Hive Bodies, Supers, Frames


Buzzy Bee Apiaries

13 McKinley Avenue

Ringgold, GA  30736

Martin Kotar

(423) 6181680

Buzz Beekeeping Supplies

Forester Farms & Apiary

~ Derrick Forester

(423) 413-5370

Honey House/Retail Store/Come sit on my porch

Honey extraction $25 flat fee

Wax spinner $5.00


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