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Image by Art Rachen

The Benefits of Local, Raw Honey

Unfiltered and unpasteurized - it is the most natural form of honey you can purchase


There is no processing or heating that would decrease its natural vitamin and mineral content


Contains propolis and pollen so you get the benefits of those two natural antioxidant powerhouses


Contains disease-preventing and disease-fighting flavonoids


Has been scientifically proven to help with diabetes, sleep problems, coughs,  wound healing, and weight management


Made  from the nectar of flowers in your area which may help with seasonal allergies

Honey Jars

Several remembers of Northwest Georgia Beekeepers Association have honey available for sale seasonally.  Keep in mind,  bees do not produce a surplus of honey year-round.  Bees generate honey crops only when nectar-rich plants are flowing in abundance.  In our area, the main honey crop is produced April - June, and most beekeepers harvest in July & August.  The best way to purchase local honey is to come to one of our meetings and meet the beekeepers themselves.  Members sell their honey in various quantities and set their own prices.


Cooking with Honey

Honey can be used instead of sugar in some recipes. 

Use about 2 tablespoons less per 1 cup and reduce another liquid by 3 tablespoons.  

Using honey in place of sugar can change the texture slightly - so it's important to practice with your recipes and adjustments.

Crystalized honey has not gone bad, it can be restored to liquid simply by heating it.  Be careful not to heat to quickly or you can change the flavor.  A simple way to warm honey is to place the bottle in a pan or bowl of hot water for a while.

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