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July Meeting

Wade Hutcheson, Walker County Extension Agent gave a very interesting and informative presentation on the different types of bees and wasps.

Upcoming Events

August 12 - NWGA Beekeepers Monthly Meeting

August 22 – Honey Show

Sept 29 – Walker County Agricultural Fair

October – One day event for Beekeeping Class

All counties that touch Chattooga County can enter the Honey Show August 22nd for the Chattooga County Agricultural Fair. Entries will need to be submitted by the 21st. Honey Show runs from Thursday Aug 22 to Sunday Aug 24th. Pickup will be Sunday or Monday.

Chattooga County Agricultural Fair Welsh Honey Show - sponsored by the Chattooga County Beekeepers - Entries will be accepted only on Wednesday, August 21, 1 pm to 6 pm at the Chattooga Co Ag Building

2019 Chattooga County Honey Show Classes

Class 1: Full Framed Capped Honey in Display Case

Class 2: Extracted Honey - Light, Medium, and Dark Amber

Class 3: Chunk Honey

Class 4: Creamed Honey

Class 5: Cut Comb

Class 6: Black Jar

Class 7: Ornamental Candles

Class 8: Wax Block

Class 9: Beeswax Flowers

Class 10: Honey Cake (open recipe)

Class 11: Honey Breads

Class 12: Photographs related to beekeeping

Class 13: Artwork related to beekeeping

Class 14: Poetry related to beekeeping

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