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Nominate GBA Beekeeper of the Year

It’s time to nominate outstanding members of your beekeeping community for the Beekeeper of the Year award.

The deadline for nominations is July 15.

The GBA Beekeeper of the Year is a GBA member who has not only demonstrated and promoted good beekeeping, but who is also an outstanding volunteer. Traditionally, past Beekeepers of the Year are not awarded the honor again. Past recipients are listed on the GBA website.​

The nominated beekeepers will be evaluated based on what is written about them on the nominating forms. It’s not a matter of how many nominations come in for that person, but of the qualities of that person as described by those who submit the forms. So it’s important to do your best to tell the committee why you think this person deserves the award.

To nominate someone, fill out this form:

It’s important to know that both the person filling out the form and the person being nominated have to be current GBA members.

The committee will first ensure that all nominations are eligible. Then after July 15, when nominations close, they will select three people as finalists, based on what is written about them. The GBA board of directors will then vote by secret ballot to select the Beekeeper of the Year.

We encourage you to honor your members by nominating them. All nominated beekeepers will be informed that they were nominated, so even if not selected for the award, it’s a nice way to honor those you respect and admire. The committee is looking forward to learning about outstanding members of our community from across the state.

Julia Mahood, Chair

Bill Norris Bob Binnie Steve Esau

Steve Nofs

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