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June Meeting

President Mike Thornberry talked about the success of the honeybee festival and interest in the upcoming beekeepers class. Mike also gave a short presentation of the topics that will be covered in the class and members can sign up to help.

Chattooga County Agricultural Fair Welsh Honey Show - sponsored by the Chattooga County Beekeepers - Entries will be accepted only on Wednesday, August 21, 1 pm to 6 pm at the Chattooga Co Ag Building

2019 Chattooga County Honey Show Classes

Class 1: Full Framed Capped Honey in Display Case

Class 2: Extracted Honey - Light, Medium, and Dark Amber

Class 3: Chunk Honey

Class 4: Creamed Honey

Class 5: Cut Comb

Class 6: Black Jar

Class 7: Ornamental Candles

Class 8: Wax Block

Class 9: Beeswax Flowers

Class 10: Honey Cake (open recipe)

Class 11: Honey Breads

Class 12: Photographs related to beekeeping

Class 13: Artwork related to beekeeping

Class 14: Poetry related to beekeeping

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